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Picnic Tables Ware Hertfordshire





The Swan & Tavern & City Range

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These pieces of furniture have been manufactured incorporating selected hardwood timbers and reinforced concrete mouldings with zinc plated fittings. They have been designed with not only vandalism in mind but also for use in national and city parks, tourist attractions and coastal resorts.In the Great Eight we use only slow grown Norwegian Pine which is pressured impregnated with oil to withstand the constant use demanded by hotels, bars, parks and city locations. The Great Eight eight with an additional four spaces for push chairs or high chairs. The Shipton picnic table is produced from hardwood timber that is both economical and durable. The Shipton seats 6 and is ideal for pub/bars, theme parks, ski resorts or locations with large numbers of visitors.The Tri-Hex provides seating for 6 with the added facility of space for up to 3 wheelchairs or highchairs. The table is manufactured in the UK from Eucalyptus Grandis hardwood and will give many years of service. This table is ideally suited for use in national or city parks, pubs and theme parks.


Picnic Table
Was 449
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The Winer Diner
(available in Hardwood or softwood)
our price 649

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Litter Bins
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Picnic Table
Was 349

Now 249
Norton Picnic Table
Was 549
NOW 499

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Alexander Rose Picnic Table Range

Features: Pine is the ideal softwood for creating garden furniture that is both very strong and practical. All the pine timbers are treated with Tanalise. The natural colour of pine is very light. This can either be left completely untreated, in which case it will turn to silver grey, or you can help retain its natural beauty by using a range of specialist treatment products. As with all this furniture, we advise you to wash it regularly to stop the dirt getting trapped in the open grain and causing discolouration to the wood.

Alexander Rose Pine 306
Gleneagles Round Picnic Table  
Seats 8

our price
Alexander Rose Pine 310
Woburn 5ft Picnic Table 
Seats 6
our price 179
Alexander Rose Pine 316
Woburn 6ft Picnic Table   
Seats 8

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Alexander Rose Pine Picnic Tables Ware Hertfordshire
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